One Direction on new Australian X-Factor Promo 

i love the way harry says ‘australia’ he really pronounces the ‘lia’ unnnnnnffffff

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One Direction Teen Choice Awards 2012 - 1D Wins all 3 awards! (HD)

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Niall Horan - 10 minute Twitcam - June 19, 2012

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Liam & Andy’s full TwitCam from last night.

Niall and Josh’s full TwitCam from last night.


Teens react to One Direction :)

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Call or Delete - Full.

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When Liam and Zayn were momentarily not part of One Direction.

I love this. Zayn’s facial expression! Gah. 

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Niam meeting for the first time

I have seen GIFs of this before but I have never really seen this before:

The way Liam is just awkwardly just standing there when Niall is singing.

The way he goes and sits right behind Niall.

The way he starts to beatbox during the song C:

The way Niall turns around to look at Liam when he is singing 

The way Liam pats Niall’s back in the end…


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One Direction’s One Thing on Video On Trial

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